List of Things that are Haram (Forbidden in Islam)

forbidden in islam

What is the meaning of Haram?

You will often hear the term “haram” being used by Muslims which is a reference to anything prohibited or forbidden in Islam. To be more specific, haram means any sinful act mentioned in the Quran or Sunnah (teachings) of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that will lead to a punishment in the dunya (this life) and akhira (next eternal life) unless it’s forgiven by Allah. Haram is divided into two categories: 1) Small Sins (Sagha’ir) and 2) Major sins (Kaba’ir).

In this page, I will mainly concentrate on explaining the major sins in Islam as understanding and avoiding these sins will have a positive impact on your life and more importantly, you’ll be questioned about these sins if committed on the Day of Judgment. I have prepared a list below of things that are forbidden in Islam for your convenience so please feel free to click on each link to read more in-depth. Lying, Stealing and Killing are forbidden in Islam and in all other religions/beliefs and so therefore, I’m not including them in the list below since they are self-explanatory.

List of things that are haram (Major Sins):

The Biggest Sin in Islam

Mistreating & Disrespecting the Parents

Backbiting (Gheebah & Namimah)

Suicide (Taking Your Own Life)

Islamic Dress Code for Men & Women

Prohibited Meat (Haram Food)

Intoxication (Drinking Alcohol)

Adultery & Fornication (Zina)

Gambling (Qimar & Mayser)

Interest & Usury (Riba)

Injustice & Transgression (Zulm)

Same Sex Relationships (Gay & Lesbian)

Sorcery (Black Magic) & Fortune Telling

Leaving the Five Daily Prayers (Salat)


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